Lock Us Down Now And Save Lives_Original write-up by Asim Quereshi and modified by Dr Biodun Ogungbo

In China lockdowns started on 23 January. Daily deaths started falling less than a month later. Another month after that, it was down to less than 10 a day. In Italy, lockdowns started just over a month ago, and the number of deaths has recently fallen two days in a row.

Another important statistics is as follows: It took 67 days from the first infection for 100, 000 people to be infected. It took just 11 days for the infection to involve 200, 000 people and just 4 days to reach 300, 000! There are now over 400, 000 people infected all over the world.

What seems to be clear is this. Without a lockdown, this virus spreads uncontrollably – within a few months to infect virtually 100% of the population. With a lockdown, it can be brought under control within a month. Two months later it’s as good as gone.

The bad news is that the slower governments enforce a lockdown, the greater the loss of lives and those numbers will be significant – for example, the UK and USA will see tens of thousands of deaths between them, possibly hundreds of thousands, because of their governments’ slow actions.

Spain has now turned an ice-rink into a mortuary to cope with the number of deaths.

The good news is that every government in the world will eventually be FORCED to enforce lockdowns once their own death number shoots up. The UK did it yesterday. South Africa too! And 2 months later life will be pretty much back to normal, with people having to take minor precautions. We’re going to get over this a lot quicker than most think, certainly MUCH faster than the markets have predicted.

What is Nigeria doing ?

Can we be decisive for ONCE in our life? Lock the doors now and enforce strict lockdown all over the country. Limit the deaths that are surely on our doorstep.

Force people off the streets. Keep them safely at home.

Save lives!

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