Covid-19: DJ rakes in £3,000 in Two (2) hours_Femi Ehiabhi

A British Disc Jockey, Lee Marshall, is obviously cashing out on the coronavirus pandemic after selling toilet rolls worth about £3,000 (N1.3million) in 2 hours at the back of his van.

The DJ, from Kent, also known as Disco Boy, decided to engage in bulk-buying toilet paper and sold it to people desperately in need of the toiletry during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Metro UK, he said:

‘A supplier messaged us and said they’ve got loads of toilet roll and can’t sell them because hotels aren’t buying at the moment. They’re just sitting in a warehouse.

‘I looked in the supermarket and they were roughly the same price as an Andrex toilet paper anyway – so we’ve sort of made £3-per-pack on them. ‘We kept some back for delivering at night – as we’ve had a lot of people messaging that they can’t reach us. My mate Brett was out until 11.30pm the day before.

‘The last drop-off I did last night, the old lady was scared and left her money by the door. We’ve done so many home deliveries and haven’t charged extra for them.’

Speaking about whether he would capitalize again, Lee admitted to the possibility.

He said:

‘I’m a DJ and I’ve had so many gigs cancelled. I’ve got bills to pay and trying to keep my head above water. I’ve always been a bit of a businessman and thought you can’t always make memories, but you can always make money.’

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