Ondo Index Coronavirus Case Tests Negative_Ada Nkong

The Ondo state government says the index case of Covid-19 in the state has tested Negative.

A United States returnee was suspected of having coronavirus in Ondo state but the results have proven contrary.

David, the suspected case, who came into the state from Maryland, US, was on Wednesday taken to the Ondo State University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital after showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Wahab Adegbenro, the state commissioner for health, said the test result of the 70-year-old man came out negative.

According to Adegbenro , though there is no case of coronavirus in the state, measures are in place to prevent the outbreak of the disease in the state.

Adegbenro also told traditional rulers that social distancing is now compulsory.

He asked religious leaders to discourage gathering of more than 10 people, handshakes, holding hands to pray as well as using the same cup for holy communion.

Respondinge, the religious leaders pledged their support to the government in the fight against the spread of the disease. They also asked the government to take necessary steps to protect the citizens.

Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, the state governor, had on Thursday, set up an inter-ministerial committee headed by Adegbenro to coordinate the state’s response to COVID-19.

He also “directed the closure of all primary and secondary schools as well tertiary institutions in the state as from Friday 20th, March 2020 until further notice”.

The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria is 12.


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