Coronavirus: NBA commissioner Adam Silver says league will wait at least 30 days before resuming season_Erik Ogar

The NBA suspended its season so abruptly on Wednesday due to the coronavirus outbreak that a long-term plan was not yet in place for potentially resuming play when it was safe. Now, the details of the plan being formed are beginning to trickle out.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver appeared on “Inside the NBA” on Thursday and revealed that the league’s current suspension would last at least 30 days. 
The situation will be re-assessed from there with the possibility that the season is resumed down the line. If it is, the commissioner also revealed that it could potentially come without fans in the building. Little is known at the time, and the NBA is preparing for a period of uncertainty.

“Even if we’re out for a month, if we’re out for six weeks, we can still restart the season,” Silver said. “It might mean the Finals take place in July or late July. Just my feeling was it was way premature to suggest we had lost the season.”  

In addition to his statements on TNT, Silver posted an open letter to fans. Within it, he described the situation in a bit more detail, explaining again that the league hopes to resume the season if it is possible. Additionally, he explained if games are indeed canceled, or played without fans present, teams will work with fans on either refunds or credits for future games. 

Theoretically, a 30-day suspension with an immediate return means the season would resume on Saturday, April 11. On the initial schedule the league was operating under before the virus forced them to audible, the regular season was set to end on April 15.

The league then would have taken two days off before opening the playoffs on Saturday, April 18. 
When asked if the season could possibly be canceled altogether, Silver replied, “Of course it’s possible. I just don’t know more at this point.”

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