Sanusi’s Family Visit Him in Exile_Ada Nkong

Deposed Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, was visited yesterday at his new abode in Awe town in Nasarawa State by one of his wives.
Reports say that the wife of the dethroned emir who arrived Awe at about 11.15 am was accompanied by three of the deposed emir’s children. She arrived in a white SUV with tinted glasses and was escorted by mobile policemen and officers of the Department of State Security (DSS) conveyed in two Toyota Hilux vans with Kaduna State Government number plates.

The people of the host community in Awe said they were overwhelmed with Sanusi’s presence but unhappy with his dethronement.

A resident, Mallam Ibrahim Usman Fulani said: “I am a Fulani man who rears cows. When I heard the news, I rushed to town to confirm. I wanted to travel but I will not until I observe Friday congregational prayer with him.
Many people are waiting for that historic moment,” he said. Locals said power supply was being rationed on one-day-on and one-day-off basis in the area.
Awe is about 90 kilometres from Lafia, the capital of the state. It has a good tarred road but lacks basic amenities as residents buy water from vendors. A cart of 10 gallons containing 20 litres is sold for N200.
Upon arrival, Sanusi II was taken to a two-bedroom bungalow with a guest house wing where he spent the night.
The apartment,reportedly, belongs to an official of Awe Local Government Area. According to a source, the place is a temporary abode for the ex-emir as another ‘befitting’ accommodation is being prepared for him.

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