In climes that we always use as mirror in our practice of democracy, there are always defined ideologies and practical policy statements held by political parties that are usually seen as sacrosanct in the political space in which they exist and as a result, this usually distinguishes, remarkably, one political party as against the other (ies)!

In Nigeria, the nomenclature is quite distinct and different as the makeup of political parties are certainly not based on any definable ideology, despite having “official positions”, but more sentimental and self-serving, often revealing the chameleonic attitudes of the individuals that engage the Nigerian “brand” of politics!

That is why it is possible, in Nigeria, for the so called “socialists and “conservative” oriented individuals to do a flip flop, all in a bid to to show how “politically correct” they can be while discountenancing the official and national position of the party!

It is akin to political harakiri and suicide, in better climes, for politicians that are assumed to hold same political leanings to “openly” condemn party policies and positions that seem to be at variance with their personal convictions and dispositions. At best, these “emergency” politicians are free to ventilate their anger and “dislike” privately without making a show of it! The act only tend to open up the “Belly Buttons” of what the individuals actually stood for, all the while!

It is always imperative for individuals from both political divide (Socialists and conservationists) to always analyze issues of National importance in a more rational rather than sentimental disposition so as to ensure that history would not make mockery of them when a reminiscence of their prior positions are juxtaposed, side by side, with their present seemingly “people oriented” affiliations all in a bid to look good and cover up their horrendous and “two faced” personage!

Let every man or woman be always true to their “political callings” by being convinced of the ideological positions they represent without always jumping ship all in an effort be seen to be on the side of the “masses”!

The dispositions of the Nigerian politician has obviously made the “Nigerian brand” of politics seem only to take into cognizance the “realities” of aligning with the “mood” of the people all in an effort to be “politically correct” as a strategy for survival!

That’s the way Genie sees it!

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