We Did Not Receive Letter From Nido East Asia- NIDCOM_Ada Nkong

The Nigerians in Diaspora commission, NIDCOM says it did not recieve any letter from NIDO in East Asia calling for evacuation of Nigerians there.
A statement signed by AbdurRahman Balogun, NIDCOM Head Media and Public relations however confirms that the commision is in touch with Nigerians in Wuhan.
“Our attention has been drawn to a statement on various social media platforms allegedly from the Nigerians in the Diaspora organisation (East China) claiming it had written a letter to Nigerians in Diaspora Commission NIDCOM requesting to be evacuated in the face of the dreaded coronavirus ravaging the people living in China”.

“We must say however that NIDCOM did not receive any correspondence from NIDO East China but saw it on different social media outlets. However we have been in constant touch with Nigerian Students Association in Wuhan (NSAW) whose President is Okoye Chiamaka and Vandi Kamaunji (Secretary General), several Nigerians resident in China as well as our Mission in Beijing”.
Accordingto Balogun, “all communication and suggestions we have received so far have been forwarded to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who will take appropriate decisions”.

NIDCOM reiterated its commitment to the welfare of Nigerians in diaspora .
” NIDCOM will continue to co ordinate with the Ministry and the mission in Beijing as it awaits further instructions as directed by the Hon. Minister in this particular situation.

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