IT Services Expert Guarantees Customized Services_ Jeff Omokhodion

Everyone has a phone and a personal computer these days. Be it for personal use or for work, the advancement of technology has brought us to this age where our gadgets have become as important to our existences as our limbs.
Picking the perfect gadget to suit your exact need is a science, and maintaining the same device to ensure peak performances is an art.
Residents of the Abuja metropolis are in luck as there are several experts to facilitate the procurement and maintenance of their devices.
One of these experts who stands out for his skill and his customer friendly service is Mr Okonkwo Mark Chidiebube from Quick response IT services Limited.
Situated in Emab plaza wuse 2 Abuja Mr Mark was motivated towards the IT scene by his passion for meeting new people and Interacting with them in order to properly cater for their technological needs.
He says “ I have been in this business for over three years and nothing feels better than meeting someone and being able to understand exactly what they need in a gadget and being able to provide that need…we both walk away happy…
Mr Mark deals in buying and selling of phones and laptops as well as gadget maintenance and provision of accessories.
Besides having an impeccable customer service system, Mr Mark is also very considerate to his customers as his payment plans and Upgrade packages enable every customer benefit from his services.
“ some of our clients are unable to purchase newer and better gadgets because of the cost, but we are happy to take your old gadget with some money and upgrade your device”
With glowing recommendations from his customers one thing that pops up from everyone asked about the quality of his service is his cost efficiency and customer friendly service.

So when next you need to get a new laptop, or fix your phone or even upgrade your device to a smarter version , Mr Mark has you covered.
You can reach him on 09095311191 and his store is located at Shop C19 Emab plaza Wuse

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