Journalists Arrested for ‘Coronavirus Prank’ Released on Bail_Ada Nkong

Five journalists in Abuja who were arrested when an undercover assignment at the Wise General hospital went sour have been released on bail.

A post on the NUJ FCT Facebook page by Prince Yemi Itodo reads “Mr. Peggy Shande and co have been granted bail by the court. They went to Wuse hospital last week to do some investigation on corona virus but were arrested, paraded and arraigned by the Police”.
“The Magistrate granted them bail and adjourned till March 23”.
“Criminalizing Journalists who go about their daily duties is not healthy to the Media profession.
Many thanks to the indefatigable Chairman of the NUJ, FCT Council, Comrade Emmanuel Ogbeche for standing for them”.
The journalists had been reported in some quarters of the media as playing ” pranks” with the coronavirus scare.
The NUJ FCT Chairman ,Emmanuel Ogbeche had also charged journalists on his Facebook page to avoid overstepping limits while practising the profession.
“As journalists, let’s avoid putting ourselves in difficult positions as much as possible that could see us negotiating compromise especially with security agencies. This Coronavirus prank gone wrong at the Wuse General Hospital is one telling example”.

The journalists, Pricilla Ajeshola, Jacob Orji, Abayomi Adedoyin, Peggy Shande, and David Gold Enemingin ,Newsannexonline learnt are staff of the Nigerian News group.

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