Peruzzi Accused of Rape_Erik Ogar

Perruzi is again trending as allegations of rape have emerged against him.

UK based Nigerian singer Daffy Blanco alleges that singer Peruzzi raped her after receiving a sum of N15million from her to write music for her.
According to the singer, she had an agreement with the DMW signee to help her write hit songs, but he went beyond the business relationship between them to have his way with her.
She wrote that Peruzzi trailed her to her hotel room one night and forced himself upon her. He was later going to claim he was drunk that night, but according to her, he was the one who drove himself to her hotel room.
She further alleged that the matter was settled by his lawyer and she has forgiven him, even though it took a long while for her to be able to come to terms with the grievous harm he caused her.
She is however requesting for her money otherwise, she would release some video evidences she claims she has against the singer.
Peruzzi responded on his twitter handle saying she’d have no luck in court.
Peruzzi who was on blast a few weeks ago for allegedly breaching his contract with Goldenboy entertainment and having an affair with Davido’s fiancée Chioma had managed to turn eyes away from his scandals by acquiring a new palatial residence just for days before the rape allegations from Daffy.

seeing that the social media account used for the accusations has been deactivated, one is left to wonder if this is not yet another stunt

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