Clergy Call on Nigerians to Contribute Towards Nation building_Ada Nkong

Nigerians have been enjoined to always contribute to the development of the nation by working for the peace and mutual coexistence of peoples through swift and non-violent means of conflict resolution .Apostle Theophilus Ebonyi of ‘Faith on the Rock’ in Nasarawa State made the call while speaking with journalists on the state of the nation in Nyanya Gwandara, Karu local government of Nasarawa state .
He said swift and non-violent conflict resolution mechanism will help to reduce to the barest minimum eminent wars, insurgencies, armed banditry and other conflicts that may endenger peaceful coexistence in Nigeria and the world in 2020.

According to Apostle Ebonyi, the administration of president Muhammadu Buhari will be a blessing to Nigeria but called for prayers for the security agencies to avert the challenges ahead of them.

While expressing apprehention over the looming rift between the legislature and the judiciary, the clergy also disclosed that in spit of president Buhari’s effort to grow the economy, his hands will be swept off the track by the evil forces around him saying the only weapon left for him to succeed is prayers.

The Apostle who regretted the attitude of other religious leaders towards crimes and criminality in the country, said rather than the people in the Alter being a shinning example to the congregation, they have become a condict pipe, indulging on acquisition of powers to perform miracles.

“What I have seen, no power can do that. The people at the Alter have become too familiar with the congregations in the Church. Crimes are increasing as a result of pastors iniquity”, the clergy stated.

He said Nigerians must go back to the fear of God in prayers because the country is surrounded by those with evil intentions and retrogressive mind.

The clergy who predicted a natural attack in Nigeria in 2020 in form of earth quake however called for prayers for the nation’s leaders especially president Muhammadu Buhari to enable the country receive God’s grace.

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