PFA Charity Draws Concern_Erik Ogar

The Charity Commission’s head of investigations, monitoring and enforcement Stephen Grenfell said: “The public rightly expect charities to operate to the highest standards across all they do.
“Serious concerns have been raised about the way the Professional Footballers’ Association charity is run. We will now examine what has happened at the charity through a full statutory inquiry and ensure, where necessary, action is taken.”The Charity Commission first opened a regulatory compliance case in November 2018 looking at the governance of the charity.
In its statement announcing the statutory inquiry, the Commission said: “During the past year, the Commission met with the trustees as well as other parties.
“The Commission obtained and assessed information from the charity, union and others. Despite extensive engagement the Commission continues to have serious concerns which have led to the opening of this inquiry.”
The PFA said in a statement: “The trustees have continued to co-operate fully, openly and transparently with the Charity Commission and will continue to do so throughout this process.
“The Professional Footballers’ Association Charity Trustees are all committed to adopting the highest possible standards in administering, governing and the management of the charity and will continue to work with the Charity Commission.”
The PFA charity accounts for year ending June 2018 report income of over £26m – the majority of which came from Premier League television revenue – and expenditure of over £24m. Of that expenditure, the PFA accounts state that over £17m was distributed as grants.
Gordon Taylor is the chief executive of the professional footballers association and a Trustee if their charity.
Taylor’s salary, which was published in the PFA general fund accounts for 2017-18 as just over £2m, has been a major bone of contention for years and makes him reportedly the highest-paid union boss in the world.
The Charity Commission guidance on statutory inquiries states that its aim is to conclude substantive investigations within nine months, and publish the results of the inquiry within three months of that.
The Commission has the power to permanently remove trustees found to be responsible for misconduct or mismanagement.

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