VC Crown University Bags UNESCO Global Recognition_Ada Nkong

The Central and South America’s Ambassador to United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has Appointed, honored, and inducted the Vice Chancellor VC, Crown University International Chartered Inc., World Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Information, Communication and Technology, His Excellency, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu as Professor Emeritus “On Merit” this month of December, 2019 in Argentina, South America.
A Press release from the Office of Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Inc.( Americas, Ghana and Partner Campuses Worldwide), says, the UNESCO Leadership through it’s America’s Ambassador accorded him a global recognition as a World Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Information, Communication and Technology as Professor Emeritus “On Merit”, thereby introducing him to Governments of different Countries, Nigerian Government, Agencies and Departments, International, Regional and Corporate Organizations on his intellectual capabilities to deliver services for global Sustainable development.

The letter of nomination read “With virtues of power that vested in me, permit me as a Ambassador of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) for Central and South America , a highly respected umbrella body of the United Nations , I hereby introduce to your government a world renowned Professor of Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology”.

” His Excellency, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu, Professor Emeritus “On Merit” is the Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Inc.(Americas, Ghana, and other partner campuses Worldwide), and Vice President, West Coast University International Chartered Inc., the Vice President, International Centre of Eye Research and Education in South America at Argentina campus”.

“UNESCO make it bold to state that this honor is not common in the communities of nations and amongst accomplished Professors in the World”.

“His Excellency, Professor Sir, Bashiru Aremu attains this status as stated below:Most Academic Excellent World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor Emeritus “On Merit”, Honored and Ranked ‘ of Computer Science, Information, Communication and Technology, President, Centre of eye Research and Education at Argentina, South America”.

“As mark or sign of honor according to our ranked and evaluation here, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu is a man of honor, great experience, accomplishment in his field, a tool worth using for greater assignments in your country towards the accomplishment your administration’s agenda, National Development and global Sustainable Development Goals. We can vouch on his capabilities and talents as of the best intellectuals in the world as a world class Scientist”.

“UNESCO is pleased to announce to the whole world, a great academic giant, ICT guru, versatile and world-class figure produced in the history of Nigeria”.

Nigeria is blessed with a world renowned Professor Emeritus on Merit who had distinguished himself in the global contexts as adjudged by higher institutions and organizations all over the World”.

Explaining the term “Professor Emeritus On Merit”, the President, Centre of eye Research, Education at Argentina, and Crown University International Chartered Inc VC Professor Emeritus “On Merit” Sir, Bashiru Aremu says, “The term professor emeritus base on merits means abilities, credentials, and consequently experiences and contributions made in the global Contexts”, UNESCO Ambassador stated.

“Therefore as a young achiever, recommendations to governments, higher Institutions and non-Governmental organizations all over the world must be a clear testimony, yardstick on the award”, Professor Emeritus On Merit, Aremu Stated.

“The achiever must be referenced to Governments, Presidents of Nations all over the World, Agencies,
International Communities, Agencies, Multi-Nationals Senators, Speakers, Ministers, Stakeholders, both National and International non- governmental organizations, Governors for which area means, ways they may need his services as a man of experience”, UNESCO Leadership affirmed.

In the words of Crown University International Chartered Inc. VC, “Emeritus that is earned or achieved not necessary retired with our vision and mission here because according to the Etymology Ēmĕ́rĕre is a compound of the Latin prefix ē- (a variant of ex-) meaning “out of, from” and mĕ́rĕremeaning “earn”; ēmĕ́rĭtus is the past participle of the verb as Emeritus Professor defined in various way”.

“It is also used when a person of distinction in a profession retires or hands over the position, enabling their former rank to be retained in their title, e.g., “Professor Emeritus”.

” You can see more explanations as stated below: Emeritus (/əˈmɛrɪtəs/),[Note 1] in its current usage, is an adjective used to designate a retired Chairperson, Professor, Pastor, Bishop, Pope, Director, President, Prime Minister, Rabbi, Emperor, or other person, In some cases, the term is conferred automatically upon all persons who retire at a given rank, but in others, it remains a mark of distinguished service, awarded only to a few on retirement”.

“The term emeritus does not necessarily signify that a person has relinquished all the duties of their former position, and they may continue to exercise some of them”.

“In the United Kingdom and most other parts of the world the term “emeritus professor” is given only to a person of outstanding merit who had full professorial status before he or she retired”.

UNESCO Leadership cited instances that, Emeritus Professor is an honorary title, recognising distinguished academic service at the University of Sheffield, also that it is a prestigious award and is not therefore conferred lightly; the title of Emeritus.

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