The President is not compelled by law to make public his assets for second term.

The President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity President, Femi Adesina, gave this clarification on Monday evening while responding to issues on the Channels Television programme, Politics Today.

The President spokesman said no portion of the Constitution states that public office holders should publicise their assets declaration as being demanded by the Non-Government Organisation.

He said: “The President will do what the law requires of him and I can say for a fact that the President has declared his assets.

Adesina insisted that the decision to make the assets public is a matter of voluntary will and not a compulsion.

Declaring that publicly is not in our law but voluntary therefore he cannot be compelled to do so.

The FoI Act, however, establishes the right of anyone to request information in the custody of any public official, agency or institution, with the exception of security files which are not of public concern.”

Asked if the President will oblige if the FoI Act was invoked, Adesina affirmed that making the President’s assets public will be based on the discretion of the Code of Conduct Bureau.

He said: “If FoI Act is invoked, it will be left with the Code of Conduct Bureau to release such information. The President has declared and already deposited the documents to them. So, it’s left to them to make such a decision.”

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