Journalist international forum for migration ( JIFORM) has appointed Abiola Peters, the Controller News, Radio Nigeria One 103.5, Lagos, Nigeria and, Abdul-Ralman Balogun, the Director Communications, Nigerians In Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), officials .
The Foundation is a voluntary establishment that has over 150 seasoned journalists apart from other volunteers across the globe championing advocacy against irregular migration and other related issues.
Both senior media executives played key roles during the maiden edition of JIFORM global migration summit in Abuja in 2019.
According to the President and the Executive Director JIFORM, Ajibola Abayomi, in a statement on Tuesday, while Peters would serve the foundation as Organizing Secretary, Balogun would head the Media Directorate as Chief Adviser.
“The experience of the both exceptional journalists are needed in our quest to service humanity, this we have committed ourselves to.
“JIFORM is a nonprofit organisation that focuses on advocacy against irregular migration, human trafficking and crisis leading to the internal displacement of citizens across the nations.
“We are honoured to tap from their rich experiences. It is our belief that they will continue to give back to the society parts of the skills they are endowed with.
“For us at JIFORM, we need more hands to work with us on this project because migration is a global phenomenon. More appointments would be announced as we progress in the year to complement.
“Our joy is that we are gradually becoming a rallying point for the voiceless on migration issues. We shall tarry above premoda sentiment because our profession has placed us at a vintage position to champion the course of humanity.”

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