The new year will bring a range of challenges for cyber professionals, but trying to anticipate and plan for them now will mitigate their ramifications.

To start, companies need to ensure their CFOs and other stakeholders understand the growing financial impact of cybersecurity. As security tools become more efficient, executives might be tempted to lower budget without understanding how badly a cyber attack would affect not only their day-of operations, but the business’s long term financial stability.

Additionally, the importance of a strong cyber foundation needs to be a focus in the new year. We’re seeing hackers rely on tried-and-true methods rather than chasing down the latest zero-day vulnerability, meaning routine patching and third-party partners with continuously monitored, strong security hygiene are key to protecting businesses.

Finally, the role cyber insurance will play in businesses can’t be ignored any longer. Cyber insurance is expanding to mitigate losses that come from anywhere in the supply chain, including outside of it; it doesn’t matter if you’ve been breached or if your next-door neighbor has been.

Culled from Infosec News Ireland

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