The morning of her birthday, Sharon woke up with a start. It was her special day and there was no one to send her an early morning wish.
She reached out for her phone to check the time and found a message from an unknown number. She opened it to find a beautiful picture birthday message.As she tried to study the number to see if she could place the owner, another message came in from the same number. It simply said ‘ lunch at Tijjays, 2 p.m”.
She jumped out of bed. This was becoming interesting. Kneeling down by her bedside, she said a prayer thanking God for another year.Done with prayer Sharon went into the kitchen to fix breakfast and heat water for a bath.
She was ready for work in record time and on her way to the office. Getting to work she walked with a new spring in her steps. Her voice was gay as she greeted and responded to greetings. She opened her office door and let herself in. Settling down she brought out her to do list and plunged into her work with a renewed zeal.
” Happy birthday to you ” came the sound of many voices forcing her to look up. She had forgotten the customary office celebration which went with a card signed by all the staff. She stood up laughing and basking in the glory of the moment. As the three hearty chairs which preceded the picture snapping went up, she made a mental note to send Temi for drinks and snacks for everyone. Thank God for loving colleagues.
After all the buzz, she was too distracted to get back to work . Sharon just sat back drinking in the ambience of love and friendship. Truely there was life after Donald and she was about to live it.
Temi, the office assistant butted into her office bearing a white carton that obviously housed a cake. ” From where Temi” she asked. She could not think of anyone who would give her a cake.
” I don’t know Temi said,” a delivery man brought it”.
She cautiously took it from Temi and read the card attached. ” Hope this sweetens your day, see you at lunch time “. Sharon was transported back in time to her impulsive invitation to the guy at the traffic light. He had her card and had sent the card earlier and the cake. ” Hmmmm, why is he acting like a smitten guy”. She hoped he had not read her wrongly and was looking for an easy lay.
When it was 1:30 on her phone rang. It was him. “Hey birthday gal, how is your day going’? ” Fine “, she managed wondering if now was not the perfect time to stop the game.
” Do I pick you up or we meet at Tijjay’s” ? ” Let’s meet at Tijjay’s “she found herself saying. That way she would have a means of escape if things turned sour.
Walking up the steps to the lounge she wondered if she would recognise him. She needn’t have worried. He waved at her from a corner seat as soon as she was fully in and made to scan the room.

Dave stood up and gave her a hug and a friendly peck on the cheek before pulling back a sit for her. Over a couple of drinks they got to know themselves better. By the time they left Tijjay’s they were like long lost friends.
” Thanks for the honour of sharing your day”. Dave said reaching out to pat her on the arm.
” I should be thanking you for your time”, Sharon said.
“If you really want to thank me, come with me to see a movie tonight” Dave said winking at her.
She laughed and wondered why she seemed to have broken her record for laughing in the past one hour. “Dinner on me after then? she asked”
“Its a deal “.
On getting bàck to office everyone was teasing her about the lovely cake.
” This guy must really love you ” ,Daisy her friend at work said. ” He even remembered your favorite colors to order your cake”!
Sharon smiled to herself. There was no point telling them that he knew nothing about her and had just struck luck with his choice of cake.
At close of work she drove home, freshened up and lay down to catch some breath before heading out for the movie. The shrill ringtone she hd picked for reasons like this woke her up.
” Let me guess, you dozed off” came the rich baritone she had come to love.
“Guilty as charged” ,she responded.
” Let me pick you up Sharon” he pleaded. There is no point both of us burning gas.
” if it makes you happy” she teased.
In twenty minutes they were at the cinema after a quiet ride, both listening to music and savoring each others company.
It was a sci fi movie and she had to depend on his explanation to follow what was happening. When it ended they went to the restaurant next door and spent an hour talking more than they ate. When she made to pick the tab, he stopped her. Its my treat, remember. I get to pay as your way of saying thanks to me.
She raised her hands in surrender. I owe you one.
He took her home and got out of the car to open the door for her.
As she came out, he put his hands on the roof trapping her in between the car and him.
” its been a lovely day Sharon and I feel honored to have shared it with you”.
” it might seem too soon to you but I will like to share all your happy moments henceforth if you will let me”.
He gave her an innocent kiss on the brow ,turned round, got into the car and drove off.

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