Her voice was enough to convince one that all was not well. I could hear pain and sadness rolled into one.

Once she identified herself ,the pieces fell into place. She had sent me an an appeal before to publish for the release of her husband.

Mrs Cecilia Odok was broken and in despair, she just needed to talk to some one. Of course as a wife and mother I could imagine her pain that despite repeated assurance that her husband would soon be home, hope was fading.

Barr. Joe Odok had caught my attention when I watched his interviews on some National TV stations. A staunch supporter of the ruling party, he never lost an opportunity to sell his principals ideology.

I later became his friend on Facebook and must confess that he was indeed very vocal.

Shortly before his travails started, we had spoken after he appeared on a TV program I anchor and I had expressed my fear that he was stepping on toes with his posts on social media.

News of his arrest came shortly after and I had thought it would be a brief faceoff with the law. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. What started as a little stint has snowballed into Christmas away from home.

For his two kids, one of whom was just recently reunited with the family, it must have been tough not having their father around to do what Dadas do for kids at Christmas.

The year is gradually coming to an end and it would appear only a miracle would bring him home for the new year.

We hear of people regaining freedom by the benevolence of their state governors.

In addition to all the noble strides of our digital Governor Prof Ben Ayade, it would be nice if he could reunite this family with their father.

Sowore was lucky to go home for Christmas, is there any chance that Barr Joe Odok will welcome the new year with his family?

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