The Chairman AODemarg Nigeria limited, RTD Gen. Ademola Fadunsin has attributed the success of the company so far to God. Gen. Fadunsin said this during the 2019 annual thanksgiving celebration of the company.
” God is the beginning, the continuing and the end. Over these 24 years,he has taken us from unknown to known, that is the reason for our thanksgiving today”.
Commenting on the unique selling point of AODemarg, the Chairman said, it is the companies commitment to quality.
“We believe in quality. We don’t really consider price but rather solutions. Our solutions meet the unique need of a particular client. We design, supply and install for clients according to their needs”.
On the companies projections for 2020 Gen Fadunsin(RTD) said commercial and industrial solar solutions will be the focus.
” We shall concentrate on generating real power , if Nigerians are really interested in solar, the initial cost may be higher but the solar solution is cost effective.
The General Manager Mr Mathias Vierhielig described 2019 as a good year for the organization.
” for the company it has been good, could be better,could be worse”.
“We have helped houses reduce electricity bills, we did solar streetlights for Jaaji in Kaduna, looking forward to unlocking more potential in 2020”.
Commenting on the highpoints for 2019, he said it was the launch into industrial solutions.
” We negotiated with big companies to give them solar solutions for their companies, we have solutions to power their factories 24/7 by solar. It is new in Nigeria so we are happy to introduce this in Nigeria and actualise it in 2020″.
Mr Vierhielig expressed appreciation to their customers for their patronage.
” Thanks a lot to all our customers. Customers who choose us are looking for quality solutions which will last long. Example ,somebody we installed inverter for ten years agocame to our office this week,the inverter is still running.People are looking for lasting solutions 15-20 years so they come to us. Of course we appreciate all our customers “.
A guest at the the event, a former Director in the Ministry of defence, Mr Patrick Ekawu Odey described the Chairman inflowing terms.
” Ade is a very dogged realist, a very practical person in terms of the business he does. Looking at the way he conducts himself, it is manifestly so”.
Whatever he wants to do, he does it not only with his heart ,he outs all of himself into it”.
According to Ekawu, this has impacted positively on the company.
” When you find a man who started a career in this business about 25 years ago, it will no longer be surprising that he is showcasing this today, the sky is his beginning “.
The annual thanksgiving which started with a church service at CAC Durumi dovetailed into a reception well attended by friends and family, characterized by plenty to eat and drink as well as people dancing to music from the famous Imole Ayo band.

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