If you read African writers back in the days then the title ,A MAN OF THE PEOPLE will not be strange to you.

How he was selected to represent his people is not the story for today, neither is his quality of representation which speaks volumes the topic here.

Today, I am taking out to celebrate a representative who is one with the people.

Wherever the people are,there he goes. Not for him the life of a leader who ascends the throne and plays King. His throne is on the street side by side with his people.

At the beep of his phone, he responds, at best you will get a message saying he will be in touch.

King of the boys!! He was crowned by the boys who ordinarily would be at logger heads with him out of envy. Who wouldn’t envy him? Chosen as he is by young and old alike, Lady luck seems to have found a special place for him in her heart.

He who waits till he is asked to give, has given late. Not for the People’s MP. Giving for him is a culture.

On the family front, he has set the pace. A son in whom his father is well pleased, a brother like no other. His wife sings his praises, she couldn’t have asked for a better spouse.

He is a lesson in humility to our youths and upcoming Politicians. Never disconnect from the people you serve.

From all of us on Newsannexonline, its

Happy birthday to a TRUE LEADER!!!

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