Nigerians are in for a shock as the Finance Bill currently passed by National Assembly has amended sections 33, 49 & 58 of the Personal Income Tax Act. Thus, individuals are required to produce their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) before they can operate existing or new bank accounts in Nigeria.

What this means is that, if you don’t have TIN, you will not be able to operate your bank account. This may come as shock to many, but the important thing to do at this point is to ensure you have a TIN as the date for implementation has been set for 2nd of January 2020. The minister of finance, Zainab Ahmed, made this known to the public.

The New TIN System is a novel initiative of the JTB which presents a consolidated tax database for the entire country. In other words, taxpayers’ information will be integrated into the central database, and various tax authorities can access the information. For instance, Lagos State issues a Taxpayers Identification Digit (PID) to taxpayers, and further to this initiative, the Lagos State Inland Revenue Service published a notice of its intention to integrate with the JTB TIN.

If you run a registered business and have dealings with government, there is a likelihood you already have your TIN, so you should not have issues. The idea of this new law is to get more Nigerians into the tax net.

Obtaining TIN is FREE of charge, you should not pay for it. Also there are no age limits in having TIN as teenagers are obliged to pay Tax if they receive income from a company. The only exemptions are on certain thresholds of income.

If you want to verify your TIN or to know if you have one, you can go to the Joint Tax Board website.

Or Federal Inland Revenue Website

If you don’t have your TIN, i will be posting on how to easily get your TIN, follow my page so you don’t miss the post.

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