Nigerians have been admonished not to preempt the outcome of investigation into the allegations against Allen ONYEAMA MD Air peace.

The civil society group for good governance gave the admonition during a press conference in Abuja.

Recall that Allen Onyeama has been accused of complicity in a twenty million dollar fraud.

According to the President of the group ,Dominic Ogakwu, “This sadly reminds me of the recent outcry over the proposed social media bill that has made people believe that government may be right after all. It is widely known that the presumption of innocence is the legal principle, where one is considered innocent until proven guilty, the legal burden, the proof of allegation for prosecution. It is this note to consciously note that Allen Onyema has not been proven guilty of the said crime and this sad incidence has caused a huge dent on his image and that of his esteemed establishment”.

He reminded Nigerians of the patriotic role played by Onyeama’s airline airpeace in airlifting Nigerians from south Africa during the last xenophobic attacks.

Ogakwu further said ” In our understudy of Onyema and his activities, we have gathered that Mr. Onyema, is a man who played patriotic role in protecting the image of Nigeria in the recent times, for singlehandedly evacuated about 500 Nigerians from South Africa during the xenophobic attacks in September, a feat which cost him about 280million naira to achieve. Barely few months, an unverified report sprang up and Nigerians who should stand for their own, has refused to do so instead, ganged up both in the Electronic and Print Media, Social media to drag a man who has continuously placed Nigeria on the map, which we considered as media gang up against Mr Onyema, which is unacceptable and unpatriotic on the part of Nigerians”.

They appealed that Mr. Onyeama should be given the benefit of doubt, since the accused, has publicly debunked and classified the said allegation as false and promised to come with more clarification to prove his innocence. as a business man whose sole aim is to contribute his quota to Nation building, for the overall wellbeing society, a Nigerian Ambassador per excellence.

The group condemned “the action taken by the media and some Nigerians in castigating Mr Onyema, and the US Government who made the allegations, have not substantiated their claims, seen as mere accusation which has not be proven true by competent court of jurisdiction, which we considered as denigrating, and the need for Nigeria to support their own in the above matter, it’s very important at this material time, which we believe that Nigerians will always support their own in difficult times like this”.

They demanded among other things that;

• All published publications castigating and speaking against Mr. Onyema be taken down from host websites of online news platforms that negatively reported the above mater of allegation.

• Nigerians stand in solidarity behind Onyema, as this issue if escalated further with lips blasting and further accusations would be very cancerous on Nigeria and its foundation especially in the Aviation sector.

• Mr Onyema should be treated fairly and given fair rights to come out and publicly clear his name, until then all reports on the issue should be withhold forthwith, which maybe considered as libelous, if the said allegation is proven otherwise.

• The Nigeria Government should verify all claims made by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia against Mr. Onyeama, for immediate clarification.

Civil Society Group for Good Governance is a cerebral resource centre for over 180 civil society organizations, committed to advocating for patriotism, truth and fair hearing at all levels.

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