In recognition of his contributions towards empowering youths and elderly for self reliance, the Cross River journalist forum will on Thursday, 28 November honor Captain Hart Modey with an award for contribution to Human capital development.

Born to the family of Uloko Modey, CAPT. HART MODEY is a Sailor, Investor, Philanthropist, Humanitarian and Principal founder of Capt. Hart Modey’s Foundation, Emmadoug paint etc.
Capt. Hart Modey MNI/SDPO is a merchant ship captain by profession and a multi-skilled professional with over 20 years of proven operator, mechanical maintenance and managerial experience in marine industry.

Capt. Hart is a Nautical Scientist by training and holds a PhD in Marine Management and he is currently a freelancer, ISM/ISPS External Auditor/management Consultant.

He is kindhearted, skilled and courteous to both young and old. Chief Hart is a man driven by love, he empathizes with the down trodden in the society, as he has faced similar challenges growing up. It grieves his heart seeing people suffer as a result of hardship, lack of jobs, hunger and social vices.
It is this passion that drives him to those neglected by the society, those who are unable to benefit from the government such as the widows, orphans, under-privilege.

These form part of the motive for his demonstration of love for the community/ society by way of training and engaging the youths and empowering the Elderly for self-reliance

These and many more of his good will has earned him with several awards and titles by several organization, both home and in Diaspora like Masters of the 7seas….

Also to be honored is the Minister of state power, Goddy Jeddy Agba in recognition of his strides in the oil sector and Barrister Mary Ekpere-Eta the DG National center for women development.

Cross River journalist forum is a platform for journalist of Cross River extraction from various media houses working towards enhancing growth and development in the state


  1. Please can I have captain Hart Mordey’ contact.

    I am impressed by his role in Goodness Thomas case. He has the same spirit as mine.

    I have following the interested in that case too.

    I will appreciate.


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