It was a disgraceful show of physical and muscular muscle at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) as some students ganged up to molest, physically abuse and beat up a 100-level female student of the institution.

The 100-student of Ecotourism and Wildlife Management student of the Federal University of Technology, Akureidentified as BOLU was severely injured, beaten, molested and currently at the hospital receiving medical treatments.

This shameful incident was made known to the public through a heartbreaking video that emerged on social media platforms that depicts one of the cruelest ways human beings could ever be treated.

Inside the sad but rude video, the 100-level student who has been identified with her first name as BOLU can be seen cornered inside a room and was surrounded by four girls and a young man while one of the students also blocked the only means of escape.

They can be seen aggressively commanding her to kneel down as they all held cables, mop sticks and ended up beating her with the cables and mop sticks after she was slapped repeatedly by the only male student there for disobeying their orders.

As they beat and continuously hit her, the 100-level female student innocently asks, “what did I do? while she groans in pains. One of the female students carrying out the assault was referred to as “Bimpe” in the video as the women make an attempt to pull off the 100-level female student’s shirt.

The video of the assault that surfaced online lasted for two minutes and there was a warning issued to 100 level students to caution their tongues.

Newsannexonline gathered that the 100-level student identified as Bolu had issues with one of the female bullies who reported the issue to her school father who later led the assault on Bolu.

The school father who led the assault on the 100-level student has been identified as Obalola, a 300 Level student of Industrial Design and one of the female students who participated in the physical abuse has also been identified as Oluwadare Faith, a 200 Level student of Food Science Technology.

Many Nigerians have reacted angrily to the assault and demanded for the abusers to be found and punished accordingly.

However, it was a close save for the bullies who would have been beaten or possibly roasted by angry students of the institution if security officers of the institution had not shown up to apprehend the bullies.

Inside the video of the assault that remains a rude shock to many, the boy is seen slapping the girl multiples times and flogging her with a cable, allegedly because she disrespected his school daughter.

Inspite of the apprehension of the bullies by security operatives, another video shows students of the institution demanding for the boy when they arrived at his hostel. A FUTA security van can also be seen in front of the building.

“Give me that boy abeg. Na that boy I want,” rather sad and furious students demand.

The young man who led the assault and one of the girls involved in the assault have been arrested and currently in school’s police post.

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