The Minister of state, power, Prince Goddy Jeddy Agba has called on Cross Riverians to be united in the interest of the state.

The Minister of state, made the call when he received in audience members of the Cross River State Journalists forum, (CROSSJOF) in his office in Abuja.

Agba who lamented the ‘pull him down syndrome that has engulfed Nigerians said, the continued rise and push for the pull down sydrom among Nigerians will continue to slug the developmental drive of the country.

He explained that unless Nigerians will change the Narrative and redirect their attitudinal posture to building one another , the quest for unity , development, and national cohesion would remain a mirage.

The Minister maintained that until Nigerians especially journalists who are saddled with the tasked of shaping the society rise to these challenges, others will take advantage and make the minority occupy the fidder position in the scheme of things.

“If we don’t shun the spirit of pull down syndrome, build one another especially Crossriverians, we are going nowhere, others will use us and dump and progress to other places and we will still remain”, Agba stated.

According to him,” the time is now for Crossriverians to accept one another, come together to build the state and a people with future” adding that ” as a people we must know where we are coming from , where we are going in our collective bargain”.

He tasked the journalists to carry out their role of sensitisation diligently.
” You have a vital role to play as the watchdog of the society. If you don’t do it , nobody will do it for you” the minister declared.

According to him, those of them who are not opportuned to write often rely on the journalists to champion the crusade and ginger them into providing the man power necessary for development.

“As a representative of the people, we owe it a duty to ensure that everyone is taking along and this can only be realised when there is a synergy between the government and the govern.

While commending the forum for putting themselves forward as professionals to Foster the unity and development of Cross River State and the nation in general, Agba assured members of the forum of support in the cause of their duty.

Earlier, leader of the delegation, Elder Ofem Uket had told the minister that the forum was in his office to congratulate him on his meritted appointment as minister.

He used the visit to inform the Minister, of the forums week coming up in Abuja where he would be honoured alongside other illustrous Sons and Daughters of the state.

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