ECONOMY · Transportation


The Minister of Transport, Amaechi Rotimi has given an assurance that rides on the Lagos Ibadan Rail will be free during the upcoming Yuletide.

He gave this assurance during the normal monthly inspection and Steering Committee meeting held during the train ride in one of the 2 (two) Conference trains which could sit 24 persons, between Iju and Abeokuta onward to Ibadan.

The Abuja Kaduna route had over 3700 passengers as against 1000 that was originally planned. He also stated that the Lagos and Itakpe Couches had to be moved to Kaduna to alleviate the transportation needs of the people as passengers were standing on the rides.

The Minister has assured that there will be no more standing on any of the train rides as 10 (Ten) new trains would arrive by second week of December. These trains, he stated, would be able to sit 84 (Eighty Four) persons on a trip.

The Minister and his entourage also visited Kajola and inspected the site of the manufacturing company for wagons and coaches.

He stated that the ground breaking opening of the Manufacturing Company will be done on the 8th of November 2019

He is being accompanied by his wife, MD of the corporation and Chairman of the NRC board.

The CCEC are saying they might not be able to meet up with the 30th November date fixed by the Minister for the trial run from Ebutemetta to Ibadan. But the Minister insists.

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