An anonymous British Airways pilot has shared why they chose to participate in today’s strike action, despite the airline’s proposed pay rise of 11.5 per cent over three years, in The Guardian.

They wrote:

In the past 10 or 20 years, pilot workloads have significantly increased – as is the case across much of the economy – and at the same time our pay and pensions have been significantly reduced.

As the industry has reinvented its former state-run companies into private enterprises we’ve faced below-market pay rises and a hollowing out of pension provision. During all of this process we’ve been told the increased productivity was necessary to ensure our future and create sufficient profit to be able to reinvest.

We accepted these sacrifices with the promise that, when they bore fruit, and profit was available, we would then share in that success.
According to The Independent,”With no British Airways planes in the air, aircraft are parked around the world – including at Los Angeles airport”
Meanwhile flights are scheduled to depart as normal tomorrow
Flights are set to depart as normal tomorrow.

The first flights of the day from Heathrow Terminal 5 are currently showing as all being on time – except the 06.20 to Madrid, which has been cancelled.

The next strike is scheduled for 27the September 2019. Passengers who have flights booked for that day are to expect emails if there is any update.

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