Contrary to reports of renewed xenophobic attacks in South Africa, some Nigerians resident in South Africa have applauded the government for increased security in their areas which they say has quelled the attacks.
Newsannex gathered from our source, Idemudia , that
“We are safe here and the govt already put all securities in place”.
“I think social media sometimes exaggerate…. Lot of cops deployed to Durban last week, though we can’t take anything for granted but by His grace we are protected”.

Another source, Hartley, told Newsannex that “the attacks were mostly in Johanesburg while Cape town and Durban are peaceful and secure”.

Recall that a video alledged to be the South African high commission set ablaze which made rounds over the weekend had been proven to be the bomb blast episode at Email plaza in Abuja, years ago.
Videos of groups of people parading the street,searching for Nigerians and other foreigners had flooded the internet over the weekend. Some letters purposely written by South Africans vowing to kill all Nigerians who refuse to leave South Africa were also in circulation.
According to the letters, Nigerians were responsible for increase in drug abuse among South African youths and other criminal activities.
Many Nigerians have refused to make use of the Airpeace offer to return back home. Some have issues with documentation and so cannot key in.
The senate house committee on diaspora matters is to meet with the Chairman Diaspora commission to discuss the welfare of Nigerians in diaspora including those in South Africa later today.

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