We walked in , excitedly. Actually we had gone to a park but the rains had something against us. As we approached the park, the clear weather darkened instantly and the rain came down in torrents. The kids reminded us that a popular fast food had their outlet down the street and we thought that was soft landing.
We sat down and told the kids to study the menu board and make a choice. Unanimously, they agreed on Chicken popcorn. We adults were suspicious but looking at the picture on display, a large pack filled with chicken bits , they were sure it was a sure banker.
In fact, the girls decided to buy a trial pack with their personal money while the guys were still holding a board meeting on if to risk their cash or not.
Boooooom, the girls came back in a single file looking the picture of misery. Low and behold, the size deactivated as large chicken popcorn could comfortably fit into my palm. We were dazed.
It took a bit of comforting to get the girls happy enough to dig into their ‘ Large Chicken popcorn’. They even gave some to the boys to show your how nice they are. With that they refused to check out any other thing on the menu, they were suspicious of every offer.
In the end, we had to leave for another fast food where what you see is what you get.
How many advantage are like that? Misrepresenting facts. Unsuspecting customers part with money and realise they have been had.
Someone has to make sure people sell what they actually offer. Is it APCON, CPC or who?

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