As Nigerians back home begin to picket South African businesses in reprisal for zenophobic attacks in South Africa, some Nigerians in South Africa say, the attacks are not targeted only on Nigerians.

Zara and Idemudia who live in South Africa spoke on social media urging Nigerians to study the true cause of the attacks which they described as a drive against drug dealers and those involved in shoddy businesses whether Nigerian or not.

Both say, the attacks are as a result of dissatisfaction with the way the police in SA handle crime, accusing them of complicity. According to Zara, “Nigerians might be helping these criminals to achieve their agenda of hiding behind zenophobia to get government protection and avoid paying for their crimes”.

They called on the Nigerian government to join forces with the South African government to fish out drug peddlers and smugglers and prosecute them.

Yersterday, PEP, MTN and Shoprite had some of their shops attacked or burnt down in demonstration of their disaproval for the ongoing attacks on Nigerians and other Africans in SA.

Meanwhile,President Muhhamadu Buhari has expressed his displeasure at the attacks and dispatched a special envoy to dialogue with his South African counterpart Ramaphosa.

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