The Minister of Aviation ,Hadi Sirika Wednesday resumed office to a rousing welcome from the joint unions in the aviation sector.
The Minister was received on his arrival with songs of solidarity from staff of the ministry and agencies who turned out enmasse carrying placards bearing various messages of welcome.
Hadi Sirika expressed joy at the warm welcome saying he never expected such a reception.
“I am taken aback ,overwhelmed that I am being received by no less than the union and staff of Aviation, I am not sure what informed all of this but I am very grateful for your show of love”.

He assured the unions that he was back to continue with the aviation road map and asked for their cooperation to achieve the desired results.
“We have worked together as a family,I never thought I was coming back.Let me use this forum to say a big thank you to Mr President for bringing me back”.
” Nigerians should know that whilst we are here, given the opportunity, we together with the members of staff as stakeholders, we drew a road map.We will continue with the road map so that it will serve the industry better.
” We will continue with the people policies of the President.
” Nigeria air is still on the road map ,one airplane that will come to Nigeria means 300 jobs ,more than that, it is a catalyst for economic growth of our county. It will add to the GDP”.
The chairman of the joint consultative forum, comrade Hector Nnaji expressed joy at the Minister’s return and appreciated the President for giving them a second opportunity to work with someone who knew the aviation sector well.
“We have worked with him as Minister of state and what he did was unprecedented so we know that the second term is going to be excellent”.
Nnaji pointed key areas for the Minister’s attention;” staff welfare.We are optimistic that the Nigeria Air will come back to life.Infrastructure, challenges in the sector, we know he is up to the task”.
The Director General NCAA Captain Usman Muhtar lauded the President for the initiative saying it is in the interest of continuity.

” We have the Minister back in a higher capacity as substantive minister, the road map has been drawn,there are programs and projects that have been started so we welcome him back to continue”.
Dr Oche Elias who prayed the Christian prayer on behalf of the unions asked God to grant the Minister strength and wisdom to take the Industry to greater heights.
Hadi Sirika in his first term as Minister broken record when he shut down the Abuja international airport for six weeks to repair the damaged runway.

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