For a scholarly priest, a disciplinarian to the core,an astute administrator and a fervent devotee to our mother of Good counsel, who would have thought that they would live to see the day Father Augustine Garba OSA would loosen up and actually dance to Naija music with his parishioners? According to an eleven year old lay reader ,Sarah, ” even Father Austin who is always serious smiled today”.
It was the 2019 youth carnival of St John of the Cross Parish Mararaba
. A day designed originally to be the harvest and thanksgiving day for youth and children in the Parish. Father Garba however thought it wise to also throw in fun and a carnival to help the children unwind.

When Newsannex correspondent asked him the significance of the day he said

” It is a day of thanksgiving and appreciation to God almighty for His love upon us. We show gratitude in our prayers and also in tangible terms for the good of God’s people”

In a sermon Earlier Father Raymond OSA had explained the necessity for a spirit of thanksgiving. He taught the youth and children that a grateful heart provokes more blessings.
The carnival that took place after the Masses for the day saw children form different ethnic groups portray their culture in their cultural attires and traditional dances.
That gave way to stand up comedy form Educated Mallam of ITV and Love FM fame as well as Funny Bruno of Amebo fame also known as Effian.

The famous Supreme Dancers thrilled parishioners with their awesome acrobatics in well synchronized gospel dances. G.D Moss did soft gospel songs while Berry Jackson brought the carnival to a climax with his performance of Michael Jackson’s thriller.

Father Augustine Garba OSA as Parish priest had this message for the youth,

“The youth should learn to show gratitude And be charitable in dealings with others .they should learn to be united as Christ wants us”.
On the whole it was a wonderful way to thank God for sparing the life of the youth to see another harvest thanksgiving.

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