Outgoing NBC zonal director in Abuja, Mrs Franca Aiyetan has harped on the need for leaders to bring up people who will succeed them.

Mra Aiyetan spoke at a reception organized by her colleagues in the FCT office of the NBC to bid her farewell as she proceeds to her new office as. Director public relations at the National headquarters.

Tasking Heads of station who were present on professionalism and ethical broadcasting, she lamented the fact that some people exit positions without preparing others to fill their shoes.

“People leave broadcasting stations and they just leave, they leave nothing behind. Then you go in your cocoon, sit down somewhere, look at that station and say since I left,they are stagnant, they are faltering”.

“I don’t think this is right.I think we should learn team play, I think we should train across board”.

Speaking to Heads of Stations present ,she expressed joy that the women at the helm of affairs in media houses were proving their worth. She urged them to stick to the rules of the game and sustain the sanity that has been brought to broadcasting in the region during her tenure.

” I will be glad if I come here in a years time and hear that no station has been given a fine, no station has defaulted “.

Colleagues and all present took turns to appreciate Mrs Aiyetan for her firm but amiable disposition in the period they worked together. They wished her luck in her new task.

The event ended with the cutting of cake and presentation of gifts by friends and well wishers.

Present at the event were the GM ITV Abuja, Barr. Amber Plague, GM love FM Mrs Lily ,GM Silver Bird TV Mrs Lola and several other heads of stations in Abuja.


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