I would love to tell you that there have been a lot of significant improvements in the healthcare delivery and quality of care in Abuja. There are many great hospitals providing exemplary services and products in Abuja. Many people do not need to travel out of Nigeria in search of quality care and great outcomes.
We have class diagnostic centres with state of the art equipment and hospitals providing quality orthopaedic, nephrology, urology, infertility, obstetrics and brain/spine surgery.
If you are thinking about medical tourism, come to Abuja. The referral hub for Nigeria!
Please come to Abuja first and talk to us. SEE IF WE WILL NOT SURPRISE YOU!!

Dr Biodun Ogungbo is a consultant neurosurgeon with Brain and spine surgery consortium, Spine Fixed in Abuja.

One thought on “THE NEW MEDICAL HUB_Dr Biodun Ogungbo

  1. Dr Ogungbo seems to be overstating the facts. The “Giant of Africa” has a s**t health care system. If our ill citizens want to get better and want to seek help from outside our borders, why shouldn’t they?


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