I followed a handbill on line that had no address and found myself at Dawaki plaza. Her salesgirl had no answers to my questions but gave me her number to cakk her.

Sitting inner small cozy shop that didn’t tell much of what she sold, it didn’t take long before she joined me. True to her words.

Talking with her about the fair, I got a picture of a go getter, smart, focused business like. Throw in beauty and brains and you have Linda, organiser of the Dawaki Fair, a monthly affair that holds every first Saturday and Sunday of the month.

I was able to get her to appear on ITV to hype the show and turned up on Saturday, to prospect for infomercials.

You never saw such a group of cheerful, friendly sellers in one place. Even as I talked to them about hyping their products ,I found myself shopping for me and my daughter. The products were of high quality and obviously worth the money.

There was even a 500 naira shop where one could buy nice tops and trousers of all kinds for just 500. Right beside it was a fruit juice and group salad vendor. I bought a full plate of tasty fruit salad at just N 250.00. As it turns out , my daughter had plans for the salad. She simply dumped all the cream in it on the new dress I had just bough next door at N2500.00.

How about Linda? She was everywhere, chatting with buyers and sellers alike. Just being there to make sure networking was going smoothly. She even had her stand where she sold Ankara dresses of the loveliest kind.

It was a nice experience for me, even the medical doctor selling longevity who took time to bring me up to speed on its benefits added to the package.

Next first Saturday and Sunday, if you are in Abuja, you may want to stop by the Dawaki fair.

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