This multi-level marketing is similar to monkey business. Let me tell you a story. A man goes to a village with lots of monkeys and offers to pay N100 per monkey the villagers catch for him. Only a few listen. Then he offers to pay N200 and more people get involved. Then N300 and soon all the monkeys in the village have been caught.
He then offers to pay N1000. But, there are no more monkeys. His accomplice then offers to sell the villagers a monkey for N700. They buy in hope that they will sell to the man and still make a profit of N300.
However, by the time they wake up, the man has disappeared with the money and they are left with monkeys! This is the same kind of business with MMM and now with Cellgevity in Nigeria.
By the time many people realise they have been sold a monkey, the man would be long gone. Remember these drugs are not being promoted as aggressively in the UK, USA or Japan as in Africa. This is because those countries have effective regulations in place.
Beware when the baker and his family do not eat the bread they bake!

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