The popular Wuse market and it’s environs was characterized by heavy presence of security agents. A little inquiry revealed that El Zazzakky supporters who had been protesting for several days with many casualties were on their way to continue their protest.

Less than ten minutes after, the protesters were spotted undeterred by the death of their members the previous day moving in neat rows, chanting songs demanding the release of their leader.

Traders were seen hurriedly locking their shops and running helter skelter. Information had it that the protesters were trying to enter the market.

For some that signified the end of business for the day as they could not reopen their shops out of fear even though the police had locked both traders and buyers inside the market.

How long this will continue is the million dollar question as the government had over the days repeatedly shown its reluctance to grant their demand.

One thing that is sure is that the Shiites are resolute in their decision to keep up the protest. Neither Death nor injury means anything to them. Their sole concern at this time is how to get their leader released.

The Nigerian security agencies need to do a lot to ensure that the loss of life and property owing to these protests does not continue.

The atmosphere is still charged with the pungent smell of teargas as I type

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