She had to be there early. It was her duty to ensure that every thing went well at the meet and greet.She went with her Mom who was holidaying with her

Last minute details had her running up and down at the venue and it wasn’t possible to keep up with the guest list as they came in.It was heavenly meeting again after so many years of graduation. Funny enough most of them hadn’t changed.

Things eventually settled down and she could relax and enjoy the party.
It was during the throw back session when she went up stage to pick out people that she saw him.

Very casually dressed in a white Tee shirt and jeans he sat at the rear where the light was poor in the company of his clique from school days.
She steeled herself and went on recanting school days. Of course she made no mention of the parts that had to do with him.
On leaving the stage, she went round socialising and even stopped by his table to check if they had taken anything.

The evening passed quickly and Lima had such a great time. It made her feel alive and grateful to God for life, seeing friends from her teenage.As people began to leave Samuel walked up to her and informed her that he would be leaving soon.”Did you drive”? ,he asked She replied in the negative and he offered to drop her off halfway. “The cost of getting a cab from here will be prohibitive”, he said. ” Never mind, that is how we came”, Lima replied.

Samuel wouldn’t hear any of it. He insisted on waiting. Lima was reluctant because knowing her Mum, she would insist on asking him questions about himself. Would she place the name or the face?
When all the bills had been settled and only a few guests who were bent on having ‘one for the road’ were left, she took her leave with the kids and Mum. Samuel was waiting outside. ” I told you I would drop you halfway “. Mum who never knew who it was gladly accepted his offer and helped the kids get in .She introduced him to Mum making sure to slur her speech when it got to his name.

Lima quickly jumped into a conversation reviewing the party and commenting on each guest. He obviously was enjoying the conversation and when they got halfway, insisted on getting as cars as the bus stop before theirs.
When they got off, her Mum was full if praises for him. ” Very thoughtful young ma,he is the type that cares for the female folk” ,she said. Lima held herself from laughing out loud.

When they got to the house, she undressed and helped the kids to do same. As she got into bed, she picked up her phone and made to send a thank you message to Samuel. Obviously, he was faster than her. The first message that popped up was from him
“Did Mum recognise me? He asked. ” What did she say”, was his next question.

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