CANCER in young people may be due to the increasing use of SNIPER and so many other insecticides, pesticides and poisonous substances in our food. Sniper is sprayed on food to keep insects away and delay rotting and carbide is used to ripen fruits like bananas. Both are highly toxic and harmful to the human body.You may have seen videos of fake kilishi, fake Malt drinks and other products with harmful substances in them. The danger is real and we are seeing increasing numbers of patients with different types of malignant diseases.
The government is not doing enough to warn about these dangers and there is poor regulation and lack of oversight by the relevant ministries (health, agric and information).
Therefore, it is up to you to be careful and protect yourself. We may all have to return to the good old days of growing our own vegetables by the house!

Dr BIODUN Ogungbo is The MD Brain and spine surgery consortium, Spine fixed in Abuja. A consultant neurosurgeon

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