The Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora commission Abike Dabir- Erewa has condemned in strong terms the poor treatment meted out to Nigerians in some countries. Dabiri- Erewa who spoke in Abuja while granting audience to Professor Nwagbara who was dismissed in controversial circumstances from a university in Ghana said ” if a crime is commuted by a Nigerian in Diaspora, the individual should be dealt with and not Generalization “.
Prof Nwagbara who narrated his ordeal said it was escalated when a Ghanian journalist Israel Layi wrote a report promotion g xenophobia with a video which showed the professor addressing people. Reports in the media with the video which the Professor said ” was clinically doctored” portrayed him as inciting Nigerians against Ghana.
A report in a Ghanian paper says “The university after subjecting Prof. Augustine Uzoma Nwagbara to internal disciplinary process finds him culpable of gross misconduct and has, accordingly, dismissed him,” the university said in a statement.
Nwabgbara however said since his ‘ dismissal, he has not received a letter of dismissal and only saw two copies online, one signed and one unsigned,even though the University has his email.
According to Prof Nwagbara,” the video was doctored to encourage xenophobia, stitched to look like one narrative “. He further explained that he recalls having people sitting beside him but they are absent in the video. He also said listening carefully to the video, one would notice that ” the story would start and not conclude”.
Dabiri -Erewa who welcomed the Professor home said Nigeria is proud of him, describing him as ” one of our best brains”. She stressed the need to work as Africans to promote unity within the continent.
The Chairman NIDCOM said in 2018 527 Nigerians were taken to Seme border and dumped within 6 months while in 2019 between January and now 509 Nigerians have been similarly deported. She sounded a note of caution demanding respect and decent treatment of Nigerians all over the world stating in strong terms that Nigeria would no longer condone shabby treatment of her citizens anywhere.
Abike Erewa commended the Ghanaian authorities for their cooperation, saying the Ghanaian media however promoted the situation badly.
Prof Nwagbara on his part called on the University to withdraw his dismissal, describing it as unethical . He pointed out that he was in possession of students scripts at the time of the incidence but acted responsibly by sending them across to the school authority through a third party.
” I am happy I am back home. I will do my job as a teacher and a researcher. There are lines that should not be crosseded especially lines over life.
” Imagine this happening to a trader, he might have made many mistakes “.

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