They have been many instances of domestic issues arising from the perception that a married woman including all that she owns is owned by her husband. This wouldn’t have been a problem if it is vice versa.

In our African setting, women get married, labour with their husband to acquire property and then lose out if they get divorced or the man dies.

In some cases, the man remarries and sends the first wife packing with nothing or her in-laws lay claim to everything when their brother dies. Worst still women who have only female children may not inherit anything from their husband directly or through their husband.

To prepare for such eventuality there fore, women are increasingly, acquiring property in their name, with their own money. Many African men feel threatened by this and may decide to end the union or at best give her the option of changing it to his name or leave the marriage.

Is it out of place for a woman to protect herself by buying property in her name, I took to Facebook to get the responses in the screen shots.

Add you’re in the comments.

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