As she listened to Segun go on and on about Dona and her husband, she couldn’t help wondering if she was ever going to hear the last of them. They had gone out on an official assignment and trust her luck, had run into Dona of all people. She had Pretended not to know her since she had joined the association just after Donna left. Thankfully, Segun had not pressed when she declined going over to say hi. The last thing she felt like doing was exchanging pleasantries with her Ex’s wife.
On the drive back to the office Segun felt obliged to fill her in on all about Donna. She had to admit the Lady did have a good track record. Segun harped on about how industrious she had been and how Donna and her husband were doing fine. ” They have almost completed the house they are building just close to our office.
Her heart skipped a bit. ” How close?” She asked. She wasn’t looking forward to the prospect of running into them often. She bore them no ill feelings neither did she wish to have to see them often.
When she settled down on her desk to work later on in the office, her mind kept going back to the Conversations about Samuel and his wife.
Did he ever compare her to Donna? Would things have been different if he had married her? Did he ever wish she was the one he married?
Memories of an afternoon they had spent together in Sacramento kept coming back. He had asked her how they would handle her family’s rejection of him. He asked her if she would mind living together with his Mum. He explained how he wanted his Mum to live with them so he could have the two women he loved most in the world together. She smiled. Thoughts of his mother sitting in the sitting room and insisting that he leave the door open when she came visiting came back to her.
She was a strong woman. She had raised her sons to be strong men inspite of being separated from her husband. Of course they had done their time in juvenile delinquency and something told her it was only their mother’s prayers that had seen them through their adolescence safely.
Sam used to regale her with tales of their Mum forcing them to go to church with her. They would join her to church and insist on sitting behind only to disappear the moment the sermon began and reappear during offering.
She had wondered then how she would cope with a husband who you have to drag to church on a leash. She laughed to herself, funny how these days he had become religious and was always preaching any chance he got during their chats.
She sighed when she remembered their chats. These days, he had taken to chatting her up to ask about her family and tell her how proud he was that they were both happily married.
She picked up her phone and told herself it would make sense to escape all this thinking by going online.
She turned to her face book page and there it was. He was tagged to a post by his Sister inlaw. Finally, he had gotten a baby girl and it was not by her

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