The International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Nigeria has vehemently condemned the physical assault and verbal abuse meted out by Senator Elijah Cliff Abbo on a woman, in an Abuja Sex Toy Shop.

A statement signed by Eliana Martins, FIDa’s National publicity secretary reads “as an organization with a mandate to promote, protect and preserve the rights of women and children in Nigeria, FIDA Nigeria cannot sit by idly while innocent women’s right to humane and dignified treatment are infringed upon. It is especially disheartening when the perpetrator of the abuse is a government official and is supposed to be a public servant”

“FIDA Nigeria condemns this outlandish act of violence exhibited by a Federal Government official in a public place and call for justice to be served. We demand that Senator Elijah Abbo be held legally accountable for the violations he is responsible for. In the viral video, Senator Abbo can be seen violating numerous provisions of the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015. This includes Section 2, by inflicting physical injury on another, after he slapped the woman multiple times, dragged her by her head and pushed her into a wooden shelf. Section 4, by wilfully placing a person in fear of physical injury, after he asked his Police orderly to carry the woman away and he warned another woman to be careful or he would slap her too. Section 10, by depriving the woman of her liberty after his Police orderly acceded, and forcefully dragged the woman out of the shop. Section 14 and 18 by inflicting emotional, verbal and psychological abuse of the two women with his insults and aggressive shouting”.

“The Senator’s behaviour also violates the fundamental rights of the women guaranteed under Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria. The lawmaker can also be seen violating many ethics and codes of conduct expected of public officials. Furthermore, the Senator showed a blatant disregard for the sanctity of the Nigerian Police Force by belittling his orderly to a private warrior. The Senator’s behaviour is not only a crime, it is also unconstitutional and uncouth. As the youngest senator in office, this is a very poor representation of the potential of youth leadership. True leaders do not exhibit the sort of behaviour that Senator Elijah Abbo can be seen displaying in the video”

“A lawmaker should not be seen violating the law so blatantly in a public place. Respect to Rule of Law and the protection of the fundamental rights of the citizenry is the foundation of any democratic society, and so this issue must be dealt with in accordance with the Rule of Law, and with due regard for fundamental Rights. A lawmaker should not be seen to be acting above the law and fostering the culture of impunity. FIDA Nigeria calls on the Nigerian Police and the Senate to ensure that all violators of the rights of these women are held accountable. No man is above the law”.

FIDA demanded for an apology, which the senator has tendered as at yesterday.

They also called on the Police to arrest and fully prosecute all liable and to ensure that the rights of the Nigerian citizenry are truly preserved and protected.

FIDA Nigeria also called on the Senate “to likewise condemn the action of it’s erring member, and to look into the matter and ensure that having erred he is adequately disciplined having breached code of conduct rules thereby preserving the integrity of the Senate”.

They pledged to support these women who have been violated, we pledge that we shall use all legal measures to continue to protect the rights of all Women and children.

They Demanded justice for the women.

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