I had gone to see him in the company of an elder relative who had been his emissary. My thinking was that it was safe because i had trusted company. Ten minutes after we arrived he gave my relative a wad of notes to go and buy us ram suya. I suggested that we go together but both of them assured me there was no cause for alarm. I was already sweating in my palms. No sooner had the door shut against my Bro than the struggle began.He needed to ” make me his” to be sure f his position. We struggled for almost an hour with me hoping that my relative would be back at anytime to save me. When it dawned on me that help would not come, i mellowed down and worked on his psychology. I told him i would have sex with him but due to what he had put me through, it would have to be another day. He made me swear an oath in his language, a language I do not understand. I gladly did to gain freedom while pleading with God in my mind to forgive me for swearing to other gods.

I told him I couldn’t wait for my Bro and the suya. Even kissed and hug him to get a ticket out of there. I shuddered all the way when I thought of what could have been. Of course that was the end of my interactions with him, even though he kept reminding me of our oath. As for my relative, to this day, our relationship is barely existent.

It is amazing what some male folk say an erection does to them. Once it comes, for some, it erases all sense of reason. The only thing that makes sense at point is to gain penetration.

Its a natural urge, its a beautiful feeling which when allowed to find expression in the right context could bring a fullfilment that is second to none.

The part that is,difficult to understand ,is when an adult gets aroused at every ‘slight provocation’ or in the cases involving children and even babies, no provocation.

Even the best of meals offered grudgingly or in the midst of protest should be turned down by any sane person. How anyone can find pleasure in penetrating a kicking, protesting, often helpless person begs for an explanation.

Even in movies, the look on the face of a rapist is beastly, the fear and hate in the eyes of the victim should be enough to kill the urge, but no, reason has fled so the rapist in animal fashion continues to thrust.

Sadly, it starts in some cases with trust. An adult female for some reason finds herself in the company of an adult male, thinking they are on the same page or even in love, she lowers her guard and boooom…rape happens. In some cases , a minor trusts Uncle who has been so nice and buys her stuff, she plays with him and strays into his trap, next thing, she has been defiled.

To make it worst rape happens even in homes between husbands and wives,though some will disagree with this. A wife you married out of love says she is tired and does not feel up to it. You pin her down and forcefully take your pleasure after all she ‘belongs to you’. Sex that is without consent no matter the parties involved is rape.

Remember it is called animal instinct. When it comes therefore, it is necessary to remember that you are one step away from acting like an animal and choose next to.

The bad thing about it is that, things can never be the same for the victim. Non consensual sex leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. The physical effects of rape can be treated easily in some cases but the psychological damages linger for so long. The shock and fear which numbs victims and stops them from struggling leaves them shattered within and feeling worthless for not fighting back.

Is training someone worth your 10 minutes or less of pleasure? The hate and bad thoughts that will be sent your way for years after is it justified by one sickening orgasm?

Have you watched animals copulate? Are you any different while thrusting into an unwilling partner? Rape definitely is for apes. Stay human, look for a willing partner or better still, tame your erection.

No always means I dont want you. The fact that you insist and she stops struggling does not amount to consent.

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