As part of measures to enhance the well being of Nigerians in diaspora, the draft National diaspora policy has been validated.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting at Sheraton Hotel Abuja,organized by the EU IOM, the Executive Chairman ,NIDCOM , Hon.Abike Dabiri Erewa said the policy will enable Nigerians in diaspora to maximise their potential and contribute more to the country’s economy.

“” What diasporians send to Nigeria each year is more than what we get from oil, our biggest asset is our human export”.

She called for all to support NIDCOM to achieve human capital development.

“”We were talking about brain drain but now we are talking about brain circulation.

Its about working with Nigerians abroad as well as Nigerians at home to build the country of our dreams”

The Executive Chaiman commended the EU and IOM for their role in drafting the policy and stressed the need to implement.

“It is good to have policies and adopt them but without implementation, we are back to square one.

The event had in attendance representatives from Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Budget and National planning, Ministry of foreign affairs, The EU , NCFRMI, IOM, NNVS amongst others.

The high point of the event was validation of the policy by stakeholders present.


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  1. Hello Fracisca , Can you give us details as per when this and where this EU, IOM stakeholders meeting took place. Apart, from Hon Abike Dabii, who are other stakeholders present for validation of the Diapsora Police.


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