Addressing congregants on Sunday, Fatoyinbo said the yearly special programme titled, ‘Seven Days of Glory’, which usually takes place from July 1 to July 7, had been suspended.

The programme has in the past attracted international preachers like Creflo Dollar and Bishop T.D Jakes.

However, Fatoyinbo, who claimed to be speaking under the instruction of God, said the programme had to be cancelled because he did not want the invited preachers to go through the embarrassment of being heckled by protesters.

Fatoyinbo added, “We will have prayers for those who are interested in coming but we are not going to have the seven days of glory. It has been suspended because I don’t want all those kind of stuff.

“So, if you want to pray, come but the regular seven days of prayer, having preachers, come in, you don’t want to put your guest speakers through that. We love to host people properly.”

His speech was greeted with chants of ‘We love you pastor’ from worshippers.

In a prayer that ensued, he added, “As we start our fasting, even though we are not doing the seven days of glory (programme) as we usually do, those of you who are led to come and pray here, as you come, the Lord will lift you up.”

Shortly after Fatoyibo’s speech, his wife, Modele, attested to the integrity of her husband, insisting that he was not a rapist.

Mrs. Fatoyinbo said, “Not even as an unbeliever would my husband rape someone. Hello, let me talk, please, not even as an unbeliever.”

However, her husband quickly grabbed the microphone from her, saying, “The elders are stepping into it, please let them handle it.”

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