The founder, Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo, has again been accused of rape this time, by Busola Dakolo, a photographer and wife of musician, Timi Dakolo.

Ese Walter was the first to accuse Fatoyinbo of rape.

Y!Naija reports Busola as saying some years ago, while she was still below the age of 18, the pastor allegedly visited her parents’ home when no one was in the house and raped her, deflowering her in the process.

She alleges that  on a particular day, Fatoyinbo came to her childhood home, opened the door, took off his belt, pushed her on to the couch in the living room and jumped on her.

Mrs. Dakolo said during the forceful penetration, she began to bleed and complained but the pastor allegedly covered her mouth with his hand and asked her to keep shut and be obedient and she would be fine.

She said, “We were living in a duplex at the time. The gate is usually open and people would just knock on the living room door and we would open. My mum had travelled with my sister and it was just my other sister in the house. The house was so big that if you were upstairs, you would not know what is happening downstairs.

“Someone knocked on the door around 6.30am or 7:00 a.m. It was pretty early, I was still in my nightgown. I asked who it was and he said Pastor Biodun. I was wondering what he was doing in our house so early.

“Immediately I opened the door, he pushed me. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t utter a word. He pushed me to the chair and began removing his belt. I asked what it was but he said, ‘Keep quiet, do what I want you to do and you will be fine’”.

Mrs. Dakolo said she felt disappointed because he was a father figure to her at the time.

She said when she was about to react, “he just covered my mouth and said, ‘Busola, listen to me and you will be fine. I didn’t struggle, I just left him. He brought out his penis. He found it difficult to penetrate.

“I was grunting and crying. He eventually penetrated and blood dropped on the floor and at that point, he finished what he wanted to do, had an orgasm and zipped up.”

The pastor allegedly zipped up after he finished, returned to his car to get a drink and handed it to her to consume.

“He told me to be happy that he was the one, a man of God, that disvirgined me.

As at press time, no refuttal had been made by Pastor Fatoyinbo or his media aides

video here ➡ http://bit.ly/2Jc36NY


  1. God have mercy, how many years now this thing happened? But why didn’t she say this on time… Anyway I didn’t
    know the story Weller


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