I woke up a bit late today. In better spirits than when I turned 40 ,a year ago.

Excited not because its my birthday but because I finally figured it out. I might have achieved a few feats, made some mistakes,won some battles and lost some, saved some money and squandered some, been good and sometimes, not so good. The bottom line is Inspite of all these, I am alive, hale and hearty, not naked or jobless, have an amazing family and in-laws. Friends I would take a trip to the moon with at a drop of the hat, what’s more? God’s willing I there is still room for improvement.

I might have started putting my writing skills to use a bit late,( special thanks to my partner, Femi for getting me off my butt),it doesn’t matter, I finally wrote.

Since I realized that life is God’s gift of a vacation here on earth and only him will need an account of my sourjourn, the pressure to conform has dropped and I can work on my imperfections knowing he knows and loves me all the same.

The one lesson I have learnt that makes me smile today is that age is a number. Its never too early or late to go places, meet people, fall in love, make money, break records etc.

I am setting my standards for this new phase of my life. I won’t bore you with the details but its a brand new me and I am loving myself, warts and all.

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