Lima was very satisfied with the way things stood. She had finally gotten over the endless love myth and accepted the fact that their love had become history.

With the holiday shopping and Christmas fever, she hadn’t even had time to think about their wedding. On the day of the wedding, she only briefly stopped to wonder what it had looked like.Thankfully, this was one Christmas they hadn’t gone back to their state where the wedding held.

Two days later, as she was putting finishing touches to her list for last minute shopping for the new year,her phone rang.” Hello”, she said tunelessly, Wondering why somebody who ought to be on his honeymoon would be calling his ex.

” Hi”, she answered ,forcing herself to sound gay. ” You didn’t attend my wedding ” he said. ” I couldn’t make it”, she answered. “You didn’t even call to congratulate me” he said sounding sad. She felt bad suddenly still wondering why he wanted her present at his wedding.

She asked how the wedding went and joked about his being the latest groom and all. Somehow she felt sorry for him, he had a heart of gold and deserved to be truly happy. After a few minutes of chatting ,she reminded him that his bride would be needing his attention and hung up. The one thought on her mind was ‘ he hasn’t gotten over me yet’. It seemed like something to be glad about.

Not wanting to delay the moment, she went to Facebook to look for the wedding pictures. Not a single one in sight. Strange, she thought. Going by the buzz that accompanied the wedding within their circle of friends, it would have made sense to see what he looked like as the groom.

She tried to visualize running into him in future, with his wife and their kids. Would they still be on speaking terms? Would they walk past each other without a single word or exchange greetings and introduce themselves? Oh well, there was no need sweating over that.

That night however, she saw him in her dreams, looking sad and lonely, asking her to come away with him. She felt sad watching him plead for something she couldn’t give. Even in her dreams, she knew that she no longer had a legal right to go anywhere with him. He had been completely taken. The last thing she needed was to be seen as a home breaker.

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