Sitting across the table from the neurosurgeon I had just interviewed for a TV program, I was forced to think that life is not fair. Too much talents and brain in one piece!
In the 20 minutes the chat lasted, he came across as someone with a high degree of focus and determination. It was enough for me that I had gotten interesting content for my viewers but he was not done. He went on to propose buying five minutes of my airtime to promote exercise as a means of keeping fit and avoiding strokes later in life. Welcome to the world of Dr Biodun  Ogungbo, a consultant neurosurgeon and Team lead of Brain and spine surgery consortium. ( Spine fixed in Abuja).
Besides his wealth of knowledge in neurosurgery, his passion for promoting quality and affordable health care in Nigeria has seen him commission several campaigns.
In a bid to take health care promotion to another level however, BASS is set to release a 3D animated real life medical experience.
According to BASS media consultant Christine;
“It’s a story of medical expertise and strong will to recover from the patient who did so in record time with the help of the dedicated BASS support team”.
The objective of the video according to her is to discourage medical tourism;

” So this animation is to show not only expertise of the team the surgeon and animator but that trauma can happen to anyone regardless of age or background and we have the skills right here in Nigeria so why go abroad “.
The video will be released on the 24th of June 2019 and newsannexonline will be sure to bring you the video.

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